New scotch in Wrocław

Glenfarclas The Potstill Reserve 15th Edition (Potstill Festival 2017) / 50%The Potstill Festival is an event being held in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, at the Hotel Het Klooster. The event showcases fine spirits, such as whisky, cognac, Armagnac and grappa giving the participants a unique chance to meet the actual producers and taste their products. The 2017 Festival was held for three days starting October 6th. Specially for the occasion Glenfarclas Distillery prepared an exclusive bottling consisting of two casks: cask # 2430, first fill sherry hogshead filled on September 22, 2008 and cask # 2599, refill sherry hogshead filled on October 2, 2008. The casks were personally selected by George S. Grant and they represent distinctive character of Glenfarclas Distillery. Only 750 bottles were produced.

Nose: pretty strong sherry statement, plums, apricots, bitter oranges, almonds, honey, dash of nutmeg, hints of tobacco, leather and polished oak.

Palate: good balance between dried fruit and spice, prunes, raisins, baked apples, honey-roasted almonds, pepper, nutmeg, hints of cocoa and oak.

Finish: long, fruity and spicy, with notes of roasted almonds, dark chocolate and oak.

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