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Kilkerran Work In Progress 1 /46%/ – The original Glengyle Distillery was founded in 1872 by William Mitchell. It was one of over 30 distilleries operated in Campbeltown during whisky boom. Sadly, all but two were gone by the late 1920s. At the turn of the Century Hedley Wright of Springbank fame and great-great nephew of William Mitchell, bought the abandoned buildings and in 2004 renovated and newly equipped distillery was back in business. The new Glengyle is capable of distilling 750 000 liters of spirit per annum but it has been utilizing less than 5% of its potential. It produces Kilkerran single malt (the Glengyle trademark is owned by Loch Lomond Group), which between 2009 and 2015 had been bottled as Work in Progress. The initial release of 9000 bottles contained whisky aged for up to 5 years.

Nose: fruity and slightly oily, linseed oil, apples, lemons, orange peel, vanilla, touch of pepper and oak, and fading hints of smoke.
Palate: fruity and briny, apples, oranges, vanilla cream, marzipan, ginger, cloves, traces of hay and distant peat smoke.
Finish: long, vanilla and fruity sweetness balanced with brine and hints of smoke.
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