New whisky for tasting n Wrocław


Big Peat The Peatrichor, Fèis Ìle Edition 2021 /53,8%/ – Fèis Ìle (the Islay Festival of Whisky and Music) was founded by the local people of Islay in 1986 to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Isle of Islay and to provide a pan cultural and activity based series of events. Each of Islay distilleries and some independent bottlers commemorate the event with a special bottling. The 2021 Festival has been cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus and took virtual form. Despite such obstacle more than few limited special bottlings were released. Douglas Laing & Co. offered Big Peat Peatrichor, cask strength edition of popular blended malt, this time celebrating the Islay rainfall (the word ‘peatrichor’ describes the earthy scent released after rain falls on dry soil). Only 5190 bottles were produced.

Nose: chimney smoke and soot, seaweed, tarry ropes, damp soil, vanilla, grilled pineapple, peaches, lemon peel and hints of allspice.

Palate: smoky and ashy, sea breeze, toffee, vanilla, oranges, peaches, milk chocolate, mixed herbs, hints of licorice and white pepper.

Finish: pretty long, smoky and mineral, with notes of seaweed, sea salt, lemons, licorice and oak.

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