New whisky for tasting in Wrocław

Isle of Jura 10 years old /43%Jura Distillery was built on the namesake island in 1810 but its early history could hardly be called success. In 1901 the distillery was dismantled and remained silent until the early 1960s, when it was rebuilt and refurbished by Charles Mackinlay & Co. The 10 years old expression has been part of the distillery core range for at least 30 years. Here we have a bottle from the late 1990s containing whisky aged in white American oak barrels. While in the late 20th Century the brand enjoyed rather modest popularity in recent years the sales are skyrocketing. Jura is currently the third most popular single malt in the UK, following Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie, with annual sales close to 2 million bottles.
Nose: malty and earthy, pine needles, seaweed, vanilla, porridge, touch of hay, apples, hints of white pepper and a whiff of sea breeze.
Palate: smooth, malty, breakfast cereals, toffee, vanilla, seaweed salad, herbal tea, dash of sea salt, hints of licorice and hay.
Finish: medium long, malty with notes of herbal spice, vanilla and seaweed.