New scotch for tasting in Wrocław

Kilchoman Distillery Cognac Cask Matured 2023 Edition /50%/Kilchoman Distillery, founded by Anthony Wills in 2005, is a precursor of present Islay malt whisky boom. Since the opening, the distillery expanded twice but still cannot meet demand for their whisky; another expansion is planned for 2023, which after completion will bring the capacity up to 975,000 liters of spirit per annum. Kilchoman has been experimenting with various types of wood for full and finishing maturation. Here is whisky distilled in 2016 and aged in 31 French oak ex-cognac barriques sourced from Tonnellerie Bossuet for over six years. The whisky was bottled at 50% abv without chill filtration in the Spring of 2023 with an outrun of 15,100 bottles.
Nose: smoky and malty, moist forest floor, pears, apples, orange peel, honey, almond shavings, fresh herbs, and a dash of white pepper.
Palate: peat smoke, buttered toast, apples, gooseberries, lemon curd, vanilla, cinnamon, white pepper, nutmeg, and a touch of turmeric.
Finish: medium long, smoky and spicy, with notes of ginger, white pepper, roasted almonds, Mirabelle jam and oak.
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