New scotch for tasting in Wrocław

Knockando 10 year old (D.2011, B.2022) Signatory Vintage /46%/ –  Knockando Distillery, founded 1898, is located in Speyside. It is one of the smallest distilleries in Diageo’s portfolio, equipped with two pairs of stills can produce 1.4 million liters of spirit per annum. Its name derives from the Gaelic “Cnoc an dhu” and translates to “little black hill”. Knockando malt has been closely associated with J&B blend since the brand’s launch in the 1930s and remains one of its main components, thus independent offerings are very rare. Here we have Knockando 10 years old, whisky distilled on November 14, 2011 and aged in two re-charred hogsheads nos. 306232 + 306248, then bottled at 46% abv as part of Signatory Vintage ‘The Un-chillfiltered Collection’ on January 6, 2022.

Nose: caramel, vanilla, breakfast cereals, buttered toast, honey, apples, gooseberries, lemon peel, hints of licorice and toasted oak.
Palate: honeyed cereals, vanilla, golden syrup, sugar-roasted peanuts, apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon, hints of hay and oak.
Finish: medium long, with notes of cereals, vanilla, caramel, cappuccino, apples, dash of allspice and toasted oak.
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