New bourbon for tasting in Warsaw


Ezra Brooks,, Old Ezra 15 years old, Rare Old Sippin Whiskey /50,5%/ – Old Ezra is part of Ezra Brooks range, the brand from Missouri based Luxco Incorporated (formerly known as David Sherman Corporation) portfolio. The brand was developed by The Hoffman Distilling Company in the 1950s, then produced by the Medley family in Owensboro, KY and finally acquired by David Sherman in the late 1990s. The label bears the statement: ‘Distilled and Aged in Kentucky by Ezra Brooks Distilling’, which is little misleading. In fact, juice comes from Heaven Hill Distillery and is distilled from mash composed of 78% corn, 10% rye and 12% malted barley. The 15 years old expression presented here is bottled in limited quantities for export only. In the early 2018 Luxco completed construction of Lux Row Distillery in Bardstown, KY.

Nose: rich and elegant, prunes, dried figs and dates, apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon, caramel, roasted almonds, tobacco, mixed herbs and oak.

Palate: fruity and herbaceous, apples, plums, black pepper, cinnamon, mint, cardamom, licorice, caramel, touch of eucalyptus drops and lots of oak.

Finish: pretty long, with notes of dried fruit, caramel, pepper, cinnamon and lots of oak.

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