New scotch for tasting in Sopot


Chivas Regal Ultis /40%/ –  Chivas Regal is a leading brand in premium blended whisky category with annual sales of 4.4 million cases. In the fall of 2016 the company released their first blended malt Ultis (we can question that statement since in the late 1990s Chivas Bros. launched The Century of Malts). The name is a combination of two words – ‘ultimate’ and ‘fortis’ (Latin for ‘strength). The formula of Ultis contains five single malts, selected in honor of the five generations of Chivas Regal master blenders: Charles Howard, Charles Julian, Allan Baille, Jimmy Lang and current custodian master blender Colin Scott. First fill American oak barrels were crucial to the creation with each contributing malt making strong statement:

The Tormore Malt presents the palate wit rich citrus orange notes;
The Longmorn Malt reveals a creamy smooth, vanilla toffee character;
The Strathisla Malt is the heart of the Chivas Blend and has a malty fruity charm with a subtle sweetness;
Spice and malt are the signature flavors of Allt A’Bhainne, which brings balance and subtlety to the blend;
Braeval Malt displays a complex, floral taste including thick honey, leather and green notes.
Chivas Regal custodian master blender, Colin Scott, describes the composition of Ultis as: “The crystalline freshness of Tormore shines through along with the contrasting, hint of spicy warmth present in Allt A’Bhainne, while the Longmorn single malt adds balance to the blend. The floral style of Braeval complements the fruity sweetness of Strathisla to create a complex and rich blended malt scotch whisky.”
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