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Big Peat Beach BBQ, Fèis Ìle Edition 2022 /54,2%/ – Fèis Ìle (the Islay Festival of Whisky and Music) was founded by the local people of Islay in 1986 to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Isle of Islay and to provide a pan cultural and activity based series of events. Each of Islay distilleries commemorates the event with a special bottling. Some independent bottling companies also participate in the festival and contribute their own commemorative bottlings. Big Peat, a blended malt from Douglas Laing & Co. is deeply rooted in the island and its formula is representing ‘all that is Islay in one bottle’. Big Peat’s Beach BBQ, the 2022 Fèis Ìle edition was released at cask strength (54.2% abv) with an outrun of 3000 bottles. On the label, Big Peat is desperately trying to grill some meat at the pouring rain.

Nose: smoky and meaty (barbecued meats), sea spray, honey, caramel, sugar-roasted peanuts, lemon peel, red currants, hints of burnt rubber and oak.
Palate: peat, barbecue smoke, barbecue sauce, caramel, milk chocolate, vanilla, lemon pepper, smoked plums, burnt toast and a touch of tar.
Finish: long, with notes of peat smoke, barbecued meats, caramel, sea salt, lemon peel, pepper and charred oak.
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