New scotch for tasting in Jastrzębia Góra

Glenrothes 14 years old (D.2007, B.2021) Douglas Laing’s Old Particular /48,4%/ – Glenrothes Distillery was founded in Rothes, Speyside in 1878 and went into production in May the following year. It is a big and efficient distillery equipped with five pairs of stills, with capacity of 5.6 million liters of spirit per annum. Glenrothes single malt has never been extremely popular but certainly has devoted followers; moreover, it is highly regarded by blenders who rank it among top six single malt whiskies. Glenrothes malt is a key component to several blends, especially Famous Grouse and Cutty Sark. Here we have Glenrothes distilled in February 2007 and aged in refill hogshead # DL 15242 for over 14 years. Bottled at 48.4% abv without chill filtration by Douglas Laing & Co. as part of Old Particular range in September 2021 with an outrun of 379 bottles.

Nose: moist hay and straw, vanilla, honey, toffee syrup, orange peel, apples, almond croissant, pralines, hints of cinnamon and clove and toasted oak.
Palate: chocolate cake, vanilla, toffee, honey-roasted almonds, candied orange peel, grapes, peaches, cinnamon, hints of mixed herbs and oak.
Finish: medium long, with notes of toffee, honey, oranges, tangerines, dash of white pepper, allspice and oak.
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