New irish whiskey for tasting in Warsaw

Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey 10 years old / 46% – Daniel Kinahan founded Kinahan’s Whiskey Co. in Dublin in 1779. By 1807 the whiskey gained such excellent reputation that Charles Lennox, then the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, ordered all barrels at the Kinahan cellars be kept exclusively for his private use, marking each cask “L.L.” (this mark still adorns every bottle). Kinahan’s L.L. was awarded with Royal Warrant three times, 1845, 1886 and 1901, the only Irish whiskey, which earned such reward. The brand disappeared from the market in 1920 at the dawn of the US prohibition. Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey Ltd started over operations in March 2014 and soon re-launched the Kinahan’s L.L. brand. Kinahan’s 10 years old single malt was aged in white American oak barrels for a minimum of 10 years, the company does not disclose which distillery the whiskey was sourced from.
Nose: fruity with delicate grassy notes, oranges, grapefruits, cherries, graham crackers, buttered toast, hints of vanilla and oak.
Palate: fruity with distinctive spiciness, apples, oranges, cherry pie, allspice, pepper, touch of cinnamon and subtle nutty notes.
Finish: long, combination of tropical fruits and spices.
You can order bottle at Dom Whisky Online or buy in Reda, Wejherowska 67.