New japanese whisky for tasting in Jastrzębia Góra


Kujira Ryukyu Whisky, 10 years old, White Oak Virgin Cask /43%/ – Kujira Ryukyu is a single grain whisky from Shin Group, the company established in 2012 as a distribution company with a focus on “unique” quality of Japanese liquor products. Since then, the company expanded considerably and currently has distribution in over 40 countries and regions. Kujira is indeed “unique whisky”, distilled exclusively from Indica rice. According to Shin Group website there is more than one distillery providing whisky for the Kujira brand. Here we have Kujira Ryukyu 10 years old expression, the whisky distilled in Masahiro Shuzo and aged in white American oak virgin casks. Shin Group also offers another version of Kujira 10 years old, distilled in Shinzato Distillery and aged in ex-bourbon casks. There are also at least two expressions – 20 years old Bourbon cask and 12 years old Sherry casks – consisting whisky from Kumesan Distillery. (Official tasting note.)

Nose: rich and sweet butter with caramel, spices from sapwood like bourbon whiskey.

Taste: sweet and buttery, like caramel, roasted wood, licorice. With an extinguish taste of spice such as cloves and cinnamon.

Finish: bitterness with long finish of spices, that brings back the sweetness.

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