New belgian whisky for tasting in Wrocław


Filliers 10yo, Sherry oak Cask /43%/- Filliers Distillery was founded in 1880 by Karel Lodevijk Filliers and originally produced jenever. In 2006 the distillery underwent major modernization and started producing whisky. The distillery is located in Bachte-Maria-Leerne in Eastern Flanders. Filliers is equipped with pot still and copper still and produces a range of spirits including jenever, gin and whisky. While their Goldlys whisky is distilled from mash composed of malt, wheat, rye and maize and is marketed as double-still whisky the Filliers brand is distilled exclusively from malted barley. The whisky is aged solely in European oak ex-sherry casks for a minimum of ten years and bottled at 43% abv in small batches.

Nose: malted barley, sherry, raisins, prunes, dried pears, caramel, cocoa powder, roasted nuts, hints of varnish and oak.

Palate: sherry, raisins, plum butter, sugar-roasted almonds, dark chocolate, cinnamon, clove, allspice and oak.

Finish: medium long, with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and almonds, mixed spice and sherried oak.

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