This place is an expression of our great love for the tradition that has developed around the peculiarities and character of whiskey. Dom Whisky is not only a place of worship. First there is passion, and only then taste, aroma and color follows. You can believe that we put our heart into it. The love of whiskey has always accompanied us, long before we opened the Coctail Bar Max in Jastrzębia Góra over 20 years ago. By simply promoting the cocktail culture all the time, based on a variety of spirits from all over the world, we did not stop dreaming of finding a unique place dedicated for whisk(e)y. Since 2002, we have traveled to different parts of the world where „water of life“ is produced to get the right knowledge about a number of varieties of amber liquor. We quickly realized that building a unique place, modeled on traditional distilleries, can only fully reflect the complexity of the tradition that has developed around whisk(e)y, „the queen of all spirits”. Our dream came true in 2009. In May 2013, the branch of Dom Whisky was also opened in Warsaw on Krucza street, from October 2015 we are in Wrocław on Rzeźnicza, second Dom Whisky in Warsaw on Nowy Świat street and our newest addition to our whisky family is from 2019 Dom Whisky in Sopot , Grunwaldzka 1-3.
In Jastrzabia Góra you will find over 2,000 bottles of whiskey from around the world, in Wrocław branch you will find over 1000 bottles, in Sopot over 8000 and the biggest selection awaits in Warsaw’s whisky bar with almost 4000 different bottles to taste.

More and more people are interested in the conscious use of all the quality that classic whiskey offers us. From this conviction there arose a need to create special tastings, which introduce guests to the world of the most exquisite liquor. Our goal is to organize exclusive meetings that, in their entirety and in the smallest details, will correspond to the unique climate in which we are carefully introduced whiskey. During the tasting, guests will have the opportunity not only to try a variety of „water of life“, but also receive a portion of practical information that will allow anyone – at any time – to enjoy the irreplaceable company of the queen of all spirits.

We are creators of th first and the biggest polish whisky festiwal – Festiwal Whisky Jastrzębia Góra, which is held annually on August’s last weekend (

We have built the biggest luxury spirits shop in Poland – Dom Whisky Online (with over 9,900 bottles, including over 6.000 whiskey / whiskey editions).

We would like to invite You to visit our retail luxury spirits shops:
In Reda on Wejherowska 67, with over 9,900 bottles

In Wrocław, on Rzeźnicza 28-31, with over 3000 bottles

and in Warsaw, Krucza 16/22, with over 7000 bottles.