The Macallan 25 years old Anniversary Malt

The Macallan 25 years old Anniversary Malt (D.1966, B.1992) / 43%In today’s world Macallan is arguably the most cherished whisky brand. In the 1970s however the distillery future did not look bright. Macallan was one of the main components of Chivas Regal and Seagram, then Chivas owner, decided to change its formula and replace Macallan with Strathisla. Very soon the distillery started promoting its single malt emphasizing fact that is has been matured exclusively in ex-sherry casks. The first batch of Macallan was ready in early 1980s and since then success of the brand has been phenomenal. The 25 years old Anniversary Malt was part of the distillery range from the mid 1980s until early 2000s. It is a true masterpiece, an excellent example of well aged sherry cask whisky not overpowered by sherry.
Nose: incredibly rich and complex, sherry, lots of raisins, dried figs and dates, old leather, hints of tobacco, orange zest, honey, oak and subtle smoky notes.
Palate: huge, great flavor development, sherry again, roasted almonds, traces of leather and oak, prunes, dried figs and dates, candied ginger and hints of smoke.
Finish: very long and powerful with oaky and leathery dryness playing final tune.
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