New bourbon for tasting in Warsaw

J.R Revelry Small Batch Bourbon /45%/ – J.R. Revelry Bourbon is a brainchild of Peruvian born American Jesus Ricardo “Rick” Tapia, who worked for large distilleries for 17 years before started his La Bodega International Spirits Company. The bourbon is sourced from MGP Ingredients, Indiana and bottled in Nashville, Tennessee (no mashbill details are provided). It is 100% American made, including all packaging elements, such as bottle, label, wood stained top and presentation box. J.R. Revelry Small Batch Bourbon was introduced in 2014 and scored gold medal from Beverage Tasting Institute.

Nose: burnt popcorn, vanilla, caramel, peaches, raisins, allspice and charred oak.
Palate: fresh and fruity, cherries, peaches, baked apples, caramel, cloves, dash of pepper and oak.
Finish: pretty spicy, pepper, allspice, caramel, oak and hint of smoke.
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