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Elements of Islay Peat (Pure Islay) / 45%The Elements of Islay is a range of single malt and blended malt whiskies created in honor of the legendary Isle of Islay and introduced by London based Specialty Drinks Ltd in 2008. Most of the bottlings are single malts but in 2015 the company released first blended malt called Peat, a vatting of whiskies from distilleries in north and south of Islay. Each batch is made of around 60 casks. Peat Pure Islay is the sister bottling to Peat Full Proof but bottled with more approachable 45% abv. As we all now peat is the most essential element of Islay malts and the namesake whisky certainly contains healthy level of phenols.
Nose: fresh, with lots of peat smoke, sandy beach washed with ocean waves, smoked bacon, orange and lemon peel, vanilla and touch of oak.
Palate: smoky and malty, vanilla, salted caramel, lapsang souchong tea, candied lemon and orange peel, white pepper and milk chocolate.
Finish: medium long, smoky and salty with notes of vanilla, pepper, lemons, apples and dash of sweet spice.
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