New taiwanese whisky for tasting in Wrocław


Kavalan Podium /46%/ – The Yuan Shand Distillery, producer of Kavalan single malt, was built in 2005 in Yilan County, Taiwan by King Car Food Industrial Company. The whisky debuted three years later and immediately started winning various whisky competitions. The success of the brand has been so great (it scored 180 medals and awards) that in 2015 the owners decided to increase capacity from 1.5 million to 4.5 million liters of spirit per annum. In 2017 another expansion was completed. As a result the number of stills increased to 20 and capacity to 9 million liters. Kavalan Podium is a vatting of American oak casks and own refill casks. We do not know however, what kind of wine or spirit those casks were filled with originally.

Nose: fresh and fruity, mango, bananas, papaya, coconut flakes, vanilla, cinnamon and hints of candied ginger.

Palate: fruity and spicy, bananas, ripe grapes, candied lemon peel, honey, vanilla, allspice, ginger, pepper and touch of aniseed.

Finish: medium long, with notes of vanilla, honey, mixed spices and touch of leather.

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