New whisky for tasting in Wrocław

Auchentoshan 2000 Vintage (B.2017) 16 years old, The Clan Denny /48%/ – Auchentoshan translates from the Gaelic to “the corner of the field” and sales of Auchentoshan single malt have been recently on the raise (over 1 million bottles annually). Currently the distillery uses about 60% of its capacity producing 1 million liters of spirit (2016) but the entire output is intended for single malt bottlings. Auchentoshan is equipped with three stills and is the only Scottish distillery doing 100% of triple distillation. Auchentoshan 2000 Vintage, part of The Clan Denny range, comprises whisky distilled in September 2000 and aged in refill hogshead no. DMG 11750 for 16 years. Bottled unchill-filtered at 48% abv in June 2017 with an outrun of 361 bottles.

Nose: smooth, lemon grass, apple blossom, vanilla, butterscotch, milk chocolate, green tea, limes, dash of white pepper and little oak in the background.
Palate: apples, gooseberries, peaches, lemon tart, vanilla, breakfast cereals with honey, touch of hay, hints of pepper and ginger and subtle oaky dryness.
Finish: medium long, fruity and delicately spicy, with hints of hay and toasted oak.
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