New bourbon for tasting in Wrocław


Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey / 41,1% / – Coopers’ Craft, launched 2016, is the first new bourbon brand produced by Brown-Forman Corporation (parent company of Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve and Old Forester) in over 20 years. The bourbon honors the cooperages’ contribution to the company and is made from slightly different mashbill than Old Forester, with slightly more corn and less rye. Brown-Forman has own cooperage (Brown-Forman Cooperage), which has been operating since 1945 and is the only American brand to have its own unit for making new barrels. According to the company statement, Coopers’ Craft was aged for four to six years and is produced using unique beech and birch charcoal filtering system.

Nose: light and fruity, apples, pears, bananas, cornflakes, vanilla, caramel, toasted oak and charred wood.

Palate: smooth, vanilla cream, caramel, honey, buttered toast, baked apples, orange peel, hints of licorice and cinnamon and oak.

Finish: medium long, with notes of vanilla, honey, touch of leather, oak and delicate fruity notes.

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