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Jack Daniel’s The Inaugural Decanter / 45%/ 1,5l – There is a story behind each of Jack Daniel’s commemorative decanters and the “Inaugural” is no exception. Jack Daniel was a hard working man, who did not care too much about politics until 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt visited Nashville, Tennessee and gave a speech at the Ryman Auditorium where Jack sat in the audience. In his speech the president spoke about current events and his commitment to protect the hard-working Americans, while prosecuting the dishonest and manipulative. Through honesty and hard work Jack had grown his company by leaps and bounds over the years and his admiration and respect for president Roosevelt grew that day. After returning to Lynchburg, Jack told Lem Motlow that when the president will run for re-election in 1908 the distillery would send a special bottle to Washington to celebrate his inauguration. Unfortunately Theodore Roosevelt chose not to run in 1908 and plans for the decanter were abandoned. In 1984 Brown-Forman, Jack Daniel’s owners, released the Inaugural Decanter to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of president Roosevelt first formal inauguration. Theodore Roosevelt succeeded the office in September 1901 following the assassination of president William McKinley, in 1904 he was elected for the full term.