New scotch for tasting in Jastrzębia Góra


Glentauchers 1996 (Bottled 2014) Samaroli /45%/ – Glentauchers is a fairly big Speyside distillery equipped with 3 pairs of stills and capable of producing over 4 million liters of spirit per annum. The vast majority of that goes into blends, primarily Ballantine’s, Teacher’s and Chivas with no official bottling in sight and very few independent every now and then. Silvano Samaroli entered whisky business in 1968 and focused on bottling exceptional single casks of single malts. The 1996 Glentauchers is a marriage of two consecutive American oak casks, no. 4232 and 4233, bottled in 2014 at 45% abv with an outrun of 570 bottles.

Nose: tropical fruit salad served in dusty second-hand book store, bananas, mango, pineapple, tangerines, touch of cinnamon, hints of vanilla and oak.
Palate: rich and deep, lots of tropical fruit, candied orange peel, cinnamon, crème brûlée, honey roasted almonds, charred oak and touch of nutmeg.
Finish: long, superb balance between tropical fruit, soft spice and oak.
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