New scotch for tasting at Nowy Świat

CARDHU 12 years old (Bottled by John Walker & Sons) /40%An old bottling of Cardhu 12 years old, in our opinion from the early 1980s, now of collectors’ value. The label design is totally different from the current one but dumpy square bottle did not change one bit. Cardhu (Gaelic for “black rock”) has been a main component of Johnnie Walker blends for more than a Century. Johnnie Walker & Sons acquired the distillery in 1893 only to secure a good source of supply for their growing brand. Cardhu has been one of the top 10 single malt brands for years even though sales in main markets, France, Greece and Spain struggled lately due to financial crisis.
Nose: creamy and malty, fragrant with sweet honey and vanilla notes.
Palate: smooth, malty and slightly grassy, vanilla, heather honey and subtle oakiness.
Finish: short to medium, apricots, toffee and toasted oak.
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