New scotch for tasting in Warsaw

The Macallan 1876 Replica /40,6%/ – In the late 20th Century the Macallan people purchased pretty large number of old vintage Macallans either on auctions or from private collectors. The distillery wanted to create the greatest Macallan whisky library as well as have a source for the future releases of replicas. Well, most of the bottles turned out fakes and the value of “the greatest Macallan collection” dropped by 95%. The replica project was abandoned after just four releases (1841, 1861, 1874 and 1876). The 1876 Replica was issued in 2003 with an outrun of 19800 bottles. The old-fashioned label points to James Stewart & Company as the distillery owners. Indeed, Stewart & Co. owned Macallan between 1868 and 1892.

Nose: pretty light and malty, oaky, second hand bookstore, hints of hay, vanilla, honey, green apples and pears and touch of lemon zest.
Palate: soft, vanilla, caramel, toffee, breakfast cereals, hints of aniseed and hay, dash of pepper and lingering oaky bitterness.
Finish: medium long, oaky, with delicate sweetness of vanilla and toffee.
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