New rye whiskey for tasting in Wrocław

Michter’s Distillery US*1 Straight Rye Single Barrel / 42,4%/ – The original Michter’s Distillery operated in Shaefferstown, Pennsylvania form 1753 to 1989 and produced straight rye and bourbon whiskeys. It was home of A.H. Hirsch Bourbon, now one of the most valuable American whiskey brands. Michter’s whiskey made a big return in the early 2000s, when Chatham Imports owned by Joe Magliocco acquired the brand and contracted Kentucky Bourbon Distillers to bottle it. In 2015 the newly built Michter’s Distillery started operation in Louisville’s Shively district. Michter’s US* 1 Straight Rye is a single barrel whiskey bottled at 42.4% abv. The company does not reveal any details regarding mashbill or source of the whiskey bottled under the Michter’s brand. Our bottle contains whiskey from barrel no. L15C321.

Nose: spicy and fruity, with subtle floral notes, pepper, cardamom, touch of aniseed, plums, orange peel, caramel, maple syrup and hints of hay.
Palate: nicely balanced, mixed berries marmalade, oranges, honey, white pepper, cardamom, touches of tobacco and oak.
Finish: medium long, spicy and herbal, with touch of caramel.
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