New japanese whisky on Krucza in Warsaw


Matsui Kurayoshi 18 years old /50%Matsui Shuzo Distillery was founded in 1910 in Tottori Prefecture on southwestern Honshu. It is part of Matsui Breweries, which makes traditional Japanese sake and shōchu. The company also produces malt whisky under Kurayoshi brand and grain whisky under Tottori nameplate. Kurayoshi 18 years old, the most respected whisky produced by Matsui Shuzo up to date, was introduced in April 2016. Little is known about its formula, it comprises malt whiskies sourced from distilleries around Scotland and vatted with Japanese malt whisky. After vatting process is completed the whisky is cut to proof with local, volcanic rocks filtered water.

Nose: malty and slightly waxy, buttered toast, lemon peel, hay, honey, vanilla, apples, peaches, hints of eucalyptus and mint.

Palate: very smooth, breakfast cereals, oranges, peaches, vanilla, milk chocolate, honey, lemon grass and dash of cardamom.

Finish: medium long, smooth, with notes of vanilla, orchard fruits, hints of hops and toasted oak.

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