New japanese whisky for tasting in Wrocław

Nikka Days / 40%/Nikka Distilling Company, part of Asahi Breweries, has been number 2 producer of alcoholic beverages in Japan for years. It owns three distilleries in Japan – Yoichi, Miyagikyo and Nishinomiya (currently closed) – and Ben Nevis in Scotland. In the fall of 2015 Nikka Distilling Company phased out the entire Yoichi and Miyagikyo ranges due to stock shortages and replaced it with non-age-statement editions. Low inventory did not effect Nikka blended whisky operations partly because Ben Nevis malt can be legally used as part of the formula. Nikka Days combines grain whisky from Miyagikyo and lightly peated malt from Yoichi. Launched in 2018 for export market only, it is described by the producer as “subtle blend of grain whiskies”.
Nose: light and smooth, grainy, breakfast cereals, lemon peel, apples, pears, white chocolate and hints of hay and oak shavings.
Palate: breakfast cereals, toffee, vanilla, roasted peanuts, lemon peel, white pepper, touch of mint and oak.
Finish: not too long, with notes of cereals, vanilla, brown sugar, cooked apples and oak.
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