Jameson, The Deconstructed Series for tasting in Wrocław

1. Jameson Bold, The Deconstructed Series / 40% – Jameson is by far the most popular Irish whiskey brand; in fact with annual sales north of 5.3 million cases it is accountable for roughly 2/3 of the entire Irish whiskey category. In the fall of 2015 the brand owners, Irish Distillers, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, announced the launch of The Deconstruction Series as part of major restructuring the brand. The series was officially introduced in May of the following year as Travel Retail exclusive and contains three expressions – Bold, Lively and Round. Each of them highlights one of three key elements of the original Jameson whiskey.
According to the official press release ‘Bold, influenced by pot still whiskey, is an intense and robust whiskey, with a strong hit of spices. Initially sweet and creamy, with an abundance of soft fruits, the Pot Still Spices develop to bring a perfect balance of rich barley notes and mellow baked apple’.
2. Jameson Lively, The Deconstructed Series / 40%  According to the press release ‘Lively, influenced by grain whiskey, offers an elegant and floral taste combined with a citrus lightness. Its soft and sweet taste, drawn from perfume bon bons alongside Turkish delight, combines with drying hints of citrus to balance the sweetness. A little chili oil brings a prickle of spices to the mouth’.

3. Jameson Round, The Deconstructed Series / 40% – Jameson Round is all about wood influence, a blend of pot still and grain whiskies, with grain spirit being aged in virgin American oak barrels, sherry butts and Madeira drums. According to the press release ‘Round, influenced by the wood contribution, is a balance of rich and plump charred tones. A perfect harmony of diverse flavors, sweet vanilla fuses with soft ripe fruit and, together, combines with the rich pot still spices on a firm foundation of toasted oak’.

Available online: (https://sklep-domwhisky.pl/product-pol-12225-Jameson-ROUND-the-Deconstructed-Series-40-1-0l.htmll)