Bio whisky for tasting in Warsaw


Weutz Origin Spelt – In the last decade the number of craft distilleries has been multiplying on monthly basis and now just a handful of European countries can make a claim of not being whisky producer (Portugal and Luxembourg come to mind). While some microdistilleries employ traditional methods, the others take more unorthodox approach. The Austrian Weutz Distillery located in south Styria is certainly no stranger to experimenting. Since 2004 it produced 14 different malt whiskies, some of them in very creative way, such as Green Panther, in which 5% of pumpkin seeds are added to the mash or Hot Stone with glowing volcanic stones being added to the mash before fermentation. Weutz Origin Spelt has been distilled from mash made of 51% organic spelt and 49% of malted barley. The whisky was aged in lightly toasted Limousin oak barrels and carries no age statement. Spelt is a specie of wheat cultivated since 5000 BC, now surviving as a relic crop.
Weutz Origin Spelt is soft and slightly floral whisky with notes of poached apples and pears, white coffee, wood shavings and dash of pepper.

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